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Gourmet | Restaurants


Type: Family Style
Phone No: 042-35203511-3
Address: 9, D-Block, Faisal Town Lahore
About us: The core idea behind Gourmet’s philosophy is to provide quality food and unparalleled service matching an economic level. Gourmet made an unflinching point to not break the rule of affordability considering market inflation over the years.

Our other branches

311/A,G.T. Road,Opp-Pakistan Mint , Lahore Phone NO: 042-36553651-3
12-Z Block, Commercial Area, DHA , Lahore Phone NO: 042-35692991-3
Plaza No.233, Block-CCA, Phase-lV, DHA , Lahore Phone NO: 042-35897121-3


Fish Crackers Rs. 235
Golden Fried Jumbo Prawns Rs. 760
Tail Prawns Rs. 450
Large Fried Prawns Rs. 760
Special Butterfly Fried Prawns Rs. 640
Spicy Honey Wings Rs. 350
Mulligatawny Soup Single: Rs. 135
Chicken Corn Soup Family: Rs. 360
Hot & Sour Soup Family: Rs. 370
Thai Soup Family: Rs. 355
Chef's Special Soup Family: Rs. 445
19-B Special Soup Family: Rs. 430
Chicken Noodle Soup Family: Rs. 350
Szechuan Soup Family: Rs. 365
Gourmet Special Fried Rice Rs. 340
Chicken Fried Rice Rs. 285
Chicken Masala Rice Rs. 285
Egg Fried Rice Rs. 275
Beef Chilli Fried Rice Rs. 290
Prawns Rice Rs. 310
Vegetable Rice Rs. 260
Boiled Rice Rs. 195
Chef's Special Chicken Rs. 430
Mongolian Chicken Rs. 355
Sweet & sour chicken Rs. 355
Szechuan Chicken Rs. 355
Chicken in Hot Sauce Rs. 355
Chicken Manchurian Rs. 370
Chicken in black Bean Sauce Rs. 355
Chicken in black Papper Sauce Rs. 355
Chicken in Garlic Sauce Rs. 355
Chicken with Pineapple Rs. 355
Chicken in Oyster Sauce Rs. 355
Chicken with Almonds Rs. 355
Chicken with Seasonal Vegetable Rs. 345
Chicken Chilli Dry Rs. 330
Chicken Drum Sticks(Full) Rs. 395
Finger Chicken Rs. 360
Sea Food
Cheese Fried Fish Rs. 440
Fish chilli Dry Rs. 430
Fish in Garlic Sauce Rs. 435
Sweet & sour Fish Rs. 435
Prawns in Garlic Sauce Rs. 455
Prawns in Oyster Sauce Rs. 455
Fish in black Bean Sauce Rs. 455
Prawns with Cashew Nuts Rs. 455
Sweet & sour Prawns Rs. 455
Szechuan Prawns Rs. 455
American Chop Suey (Crispy Noodles) Rs. 365
Chicken Chow Mein Rs. 355
Prawns Chow Mein Rs. 395
Vegetable Chow Mein Rs. 310
spicy Garlic Noodles Rs. 345
Beef Burger Rs. 210
Chicken Burger Rs. 240
Chicken Cheese Burger Rs. 290
Spicy Chicken Burger Rs. 240
Fried Chicken Breast Burger Rs. 295
Chicken Cheese Burger(Blackpapper sauce) Rs. 300
The Ultimate Beef Burger Rs. 310
The Ultimate Chicken Burger(Fries + salad) Rs. 345
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Rs. 255
Club Sandwich Rs. 240
Chicken Sandwich Rs. 240
Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich Rs. 280
Chicken Egg & Cheese Sandwich(Fries + Salad) Rs. 225
Chicken Nuggets Rs. 305
Chicken Chops Rs. 310
Stuffed Chicken Breast(Pineapple Sauce) Rs. 375
Finger Fish Rs. 430
Fried Fish(Fries + salad) Rs. 430
Chicken shashlik Rs. 325
Black Papper Chicken Rs. 325
Chicken Chilli Onion Rs. 340
Chicken Cashew Nuts(Egg Fried Rice) Rs. 340
Chillo Chicken Rs. 315
Jeweled Chicken(Egg Fried Rice) Rs. 325
Sizzling Fish Rs. 415
Chicken Mushroom(Egg Fried Rice) Rs. 350
Chicken Steak with pineapple sauce Rs. 405
Chicken Steak with Black pepper sauce Rs. 405
Chicken Steak with mushroom sauce Rs. 405
Chicken Steak Mexican Rs. 405
Beef Steak with Black pepper sauce Rs. 460
Beef Steak Mexican Rs. 460
Side orders
French Fries Rs. 170
Dinner Roll Rs. 60
Baked Patato with cheese Rs. 90
Baked Patato with Sour Cream Rs. 85
Extra Cheese Slice Rs. 60
Gourmet Badami Handi (Boneless) Rs. 405
Gourmet Special Handi (Boneless) Rs. 405
Chicken Achari Handi (Bonless) Rs. 410
Chicken Black Pepper Handi(Boneless) Rs. 405
Chicken Tikka Masala Rs. 305
Gourmet Special Mutton Handi (Boneless) Rs. 765
Mutton Achari Handi (Bonless) Rs. 785
Mutton Brain Masala Rs. 355
Dal Mash Handi Rs. 175
Vegetable Handi(Seasonal) Rs. 170
Chicken & Mutton
Steam Roast Chicken (Full) Rs. 460
Steam Roast Chicken Rs. 260
Chicken Karahi (Full) Rs. 490
Chicken Karahi Rs. 280
Chicken Black Papper Karahi (Full) Rs. 500
Chicken Black Papper Karahi Rs. 290
Chicken Ginger (Boneless) Rs. 400
Chicken Jalfrazi (Boneless) Rs. 400
Chicken Kebab Masala Rs. 300
Tawa Chicken Rs. 310
Mutton Karahi (Full) Rs. 955
Mutton Karahi Rs. 510
Lamb Leg Roast Rs. 1665
Mutton Kebab Masala Rs. 335
Mutton Joint Masala Rs. 740
Mutton Roghan Josh Rs. 520
Bar B.Q
Grilled Fish Tikka (Plate) Rs. 450
Whole Chicken Bar B.Q (Full) Rs. 460
White Chicken Boti (Boneless) Rs. 310
Red Chicken Boti (Boneless) Rs. 310
Chicken Tikka (Leg/Breast) Rs. 145
Chicken Boti (Plate) Rs. 300
Chicken Seikh Kebab (4 Piece) Rs. 290
Chicken Behari Kebab (Plate) Rs. 300
Kastoori Boti (Plate) Rs. 300
Mutton Seikh Kebab (4 Piece) Rs. 335
Tangari Chicken Rs. 350
Afghani Chicken Tikka Rs. 315
Grilled Mutton Chops (6 piece) Rs. 410
Nan, Roti, Pratha
Plain Nan Rs. 23
Roghni Nan Rs. 28
Garlic Nan Rs. 37
Kalwanji Nan Rs. 37
Chicken Nan Rs. 141
Mutton Nan Rs. 162
Tandoori Roti(Per head) Rs. 36
Tandoori Pratha Rs. 39
Nan Pratha Rs. 39
Frash Green Salad Rs. 68
Salad Bar (pr single bowl) Rs. 145
Salad Bar (pr single plate) Rs. 230
Coleslaw Salad Rs. 105
Chicken Apple Salad Rs. 215
Chicken Apple & Pineapple Salad Rs. 235
Kachumar Salad Rs. 76
Plum Chatni Rs. 176
Raita, Chatni
Raita Rs. 53
Apricot Chatni Rs. 76
Mint Chatni Rs. 53
Plain Yogurt Rs. 112
Achar (portion) Rs. 46
Cold Bar
Pina Colada Rs. 150
Pink Lady Rs. 150
Special Coke Float Rs. 120
Fresh Seasonal Juice Seasonal
Cold Coffee with Ice Cream Rs. 170
Milk Shakes with Ice Cream Rs. 170
Mint Lemonade Rs. 85
Ice Cream
Tutti Fruity Rs. 225
Faluda (1- Scoop) Rs. 105
Ice Cream (1-Scoop) Rs. 90
Ice Cream (2-Scoops) Rs. 155
Apple Pie Rs. 190
Walnut Tart(1-scoop ice cream) Rs. 205
Chocolate Brownie with ice cream Rs. 195
Special Firni (pair) Rs. 62
Gulab Jaman (pair)(hot) Rs. 56
Tea Rs. 65
Green Tea (Qawa) Rs. 65
Coffee Rs. 140
Gourmet Cola / Lemon Up Rs. 26
Fresh Lime with soft drink Rs. 51
Diet Soft Drink Rs. 41
Fresh Lime with diet soft drink Rs. 51
Mineral Water (large) Rs. 60
Mineral Water (small) Rs. 37
Lassi (saltish) Rs. 225
Lassi (sweet) Rs. 225
Lunch Time
Chicken Biryani (platter) Rs. 310