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Shan-e-Lahore | Restaurants


Type: Family Style
Phone No: 042-35221521
Mobile No: 0300-8474172
Address: 21-D, Main Boulevard Faisal Town Lahore
About us: Shan-e-Lahore is a Pakistani restaurant that also serves Chinese, Fast food along with sizzling steaks


Lahori Special Yakhani (single) Rs. 105
Lahori Special Yakhani (Family) Rs. 350
Hot & Sour Soup (single) Rs. 160
Hot & Sour Soup (Family) Rs. 375
Chicken Corn Soup (single) Rs. 160
Chicken Corn Soup (Family) Rs. 375
Old Fusion Tomato Soup (single) Rs. 165
Old Fusion Tomato Soup (Family) Rs. 395
Cream Of Chicken (single) Rs. 185
Cream Of Chicken (Family) Rs. 445
Sea Food Chouddar (single) Rs. 195
Sea Food Chouddar (Family) Rs. 465
Plain Rice Rs. 145
Egg Fried Rice Rs. 150
Chicken Fried Rice Rs. 200
Garlic Rice Rs. 215
Chicken Biryani Rs. 235
Masala Rice Rs. 275
Mutton Rice Rs. 295
Supreme Burger Rs. 345
Big Bad Wolf Burger Rs. 355
Glory(Innovation) Rs. 395
Classic Chicken Burger Rs. 245
Crunchy Burger Rs. 275
Aussie Club Sandwich Rs. 245
Hot & Spicy Sandwich Rs. 245
Grilled BBQ Sandwich Rs. 260
Steak Sandwich Rs. 275
Chicken Makhni Rs. 400
Chicken Aachari Rs. 400
Chicken Hyderabadi Rs. 400
Chicken Kastoori Rs. 415
Chicken Madarassi Rs. 415
Chicken Masala Rs. 460
Chicken Badami Rs. 460
Chicken Kajoo Rs. 490
Chicken Multani Rs. 490
Shan-e-Lahore Special (chicken) Rs. 495
Mutton Masala Rs. 565
Mutton Aachari Rs. 575
Mutton Kajoo Rs. 575
Mutton Kastoori Rs. 590
Mutton Makhni Rs. 595
Mutton Madarassi Rs. 595
Mutton Multani Rs. 595
Shan-e-Lahore Special (Mutton) Rs. 625
Chicken & Mutton
Lahori Rawaiti Karahi (Chicken) (Half) Rs. 285
Lahori Rawaiti Karahi (Chicken) (Full) Rs. 495
Namkeen Karahi (Chicken) (Half) Rs. 295
Namkeen Karahi (Chicken) (Full) Rs. 525
Black Papper Karahi (Chicken) (Half) Rs. 295
Black Papper Karahi (Chicken) (Full) Rs. 525
Murgh Hyderabadi (Chicken) (Half) Rs. 295
Murgh Hyderabadi (Chicken) (Full) Rs. 525
BBQ Karahi (Chicken) (Half) Rs. 345
BBQ Karahi (Chicken) (Full) Rs. 575
Green Karahi (Chicken) (Half) Rs. 345
Green Karahi (Chicken) (Full) Rs. 575
Badami Karahi (Chicken) (Half) Rs. 395
Badami Karahi (Chicken) (Full) Rs. 725
Lahori Rawaiti Karahi (Mutton) (Half) Rs. 515
Lahori Rawaiti Karahi (Mutton) (Full) Rs. 1045
Namkeen Karahi (Mutton) (Half) Rs. 515
Namkeen Karahi (Mutton) (Full) Rs. 1045
Black Papper Karahi (Mutton) (Half) Rs. 515
Black Papper Karahi (Mutton) (Full) Rs. 1045
Murgh Hyderabadi (Mutton) (Half) Rs. 515
Murgh Hyderabadi (Mutton) (Full) Rs. 1045
BBQ Karahi (Mutton) (Half) Rs. 515
BBQ Karahi (Mutton) (Full) Rs. 1045
Green Karahi (Mutton) (Half) Rs. 545
Green Karahi (Mutton) (Full) Rs. 1095
Badami Karahi (Mutton) (Half) Rs. 595
Badami Karahi (Mutton) (Full) Rs. 1100
Bar B.Q
Chicken Tikka (Leg/Breast) Rs. 150
Sheesh Tauwk Rs. 275
Seekh Kabab Rs. 285
Rashmi Kabab Rs. 290
Chicken Behari Kebab Rs. 350
Chicken Cheese Kabab Rs. 345
Gola Kabab Rs. 325
Mutton Kabab Rs. 330
Lahori Tikka Boti Rs. 330
Heryali Boti Rs. 350
Rajhistani Boti Rs. 350
Kastoori Boti Rs. 395
Malai Boti Rs. 425
Mutton Chops Rs. 460
Turkish Tikka Rs. 355
Turkish Tikka Rs. 495
Sajji (Half) Rs. 325
Sajji (Full) Rs. 650
Nan, Roti, Pratha
Roti Rs. 15
Plain Nan Rs. 30
special Sweet Naan Rs. 30
Roghni Nan Rs. 35
Kalwanji Nan Rs. 35
Churburgi Kulcha Rs. 40
Garlic Nan Rs. 50
Naan Paratha Rs. 55
Chicken Naan Rs. 90
Cheese Naan Rs. 95
Tandoori Pratha Rs. 100
Chicken Cheese Naan Rs. 150
Mutton Naan Rs. 160
Plain Salad Rs. 70
Kachumar Salad Rs. 75
Pasta Salad Rs. 170
Special Lahori Salad Rs. 210
Crunchy Chicken Salad Rs. 245
Cold Bar
Drink (Regular) Rs. 55
Drink (Diet) Rs. 55
Kahwa Rs. 80
Dhabay Ki Chay Rs. 90
Lassi (Methi/Namkeen) Rs. 100
Tids Bits
Golden Fries (BBQ/Lemon Butter) Rs. 110
Grilled Vegetables Rs. 145
Onion Rings Rs. 195
Chicken Nuggets Rs. 285
Nachos With Salsa Rs. 295
Wings(8 piece BBQ Grilled) Rs. 315
Chicken Strips(Grilled) 325
Kiddy Meal
Egg & Cheese Burger Rs. 160
Baby Chinnio (Chocolate Drink) Rs. 180
Cold Chicken Sandwiches Rs. 265
Kiddy Pizza Rs. 275
Nuggets With fries Rs. 275
Chicken Lollipop Rs. 375
Chicken Chowmein Rs. 285
Chicken Manchurian Rs. 325
Chicken shashlik Rs. 325
Chicken Chilli Dry Rs. 345
Panket Behone Rs. 445
Oyster Chicken Rs. 445
Spaghetti Bolognese Rs. 525
Stuff Chicken Rs. 545
Fettuccine Alfredo Rs. 555
Tuchkanie Chicken Rs. 565
Beef Chilli With Green Pepper Rs. 595
Western Saughat
Black Papper Steak Rs. 395
Mushroom Steak Rs. 400
Mexican Steak Rs. 410
Tarragon Steak Rs. 410
Hot Sizzling Steak Rs. 425
Hawalian Steak Rs. 510
Special Itallian Steak Rs. 660
Lakshami Karahi Rs. 550
Roghn-e-josh Rs. 575
Shah Alam Chicken Karahi Rs. 625
Bagghi Murgha (Chargha) Rs. 550
Derbarri Kofta Rs. 440
Asli Nasli Mutton Chaanp Rs. 695
Chicken jhatt Putt Rs. 550
Shalimar Chicken Rs. 625
Dall of the Day Rs. 230
vegetable of the day Rs. 195
Extra Fries Rs. 30
Sauce Dips Rs. 50
Pickle Rs. 50
Baked Patato Rs. 50
Mash Potato Rs. 50
Plum/Mint Chuttni Rs. 70
Saoute Vegetable Rs. 70
Raita Rs. 75
Cheese slice Rs. 85